DKM is inspired by nature and its diversity and respects all forms of life, from the simplest individuals to entire ecosystems.

DKM places itself at the cutting edge of biodiversity conservation and works to a high and consistent standard to deliver scientifically sound products.

DKM seeks to understand the local context, working resourcefully and collaboratively to identify pragmatic and innovative solutions, which support sustainable lifestyles and cultures.

DKM puts people first, listening to ideas and sharing experiences in order to find ways to make optimal use of available resources.


The Nature Conservation Centre (DKM) is a Foundation established in 2004 by a group of experienced ecologists and nature conservationists. These experts, from Turkey and the UK, formed DKM in order to provide a centrally organised pool of expertise and technical capacity for conserving biodiversity in Turkey and the surrounding area.

DKM's members have each had a long involvement in nature and environmental conservation in Turkey, with some individual's active interest and experience both here and abroad stretching back to the 1960s. In Turkey, DKM’s members have worked with government, the private sector, NGOs, research institutions, individual experts and volunteers, carrying out major studies of mountain, forest, wetland and steppe ecosystems.



Climate change trainings provided within the context of the “Building A Resilient City through Empowering Women” Project funded under the framework of the Town Twinning Action Between Turkey and the EU Grant Scheme and implemented by Çankaya Municipality in partnership and with the technical support of Nature Conservation Centre (DKM) as well as in partnership with Frankfurt Municipality and Association for Women Mukhtars were completed.


With the overall goal of climate change adaptation and combatting climate change in urban public areas, the project also aims to pave the way for women to become pioneers in combatting climate change through the provision of trainings and to include women in decision-making processes regarding local policies pertaining to climate change. To this end, DKM provided trainings on climate change to more than 200 women during July and August 2019. Trainings included topics such as natural climate change, human induced climate change, formation and impacts of climate change and the importance of individual efforts in combatting climate change.


Apart from the trainings provided to staff working under the different directorates of Çankaya Municipality, trainings were also provided to the pre-school teachers of Çankaya Municipality pre-schools as well as the managers and trainers of Çankaya Municipality’s public training centres. Contents of all trainings were shaped according to the target audience. For example, pre-school teachers were provided with materials and activity cards that they can use when educating their students and games, which teachers can play with students were introduced. Trainings provided for the managers and trainers of the municipality’s public training centres focused on both achieving energy saving in the public education centres and raising awareness of citizens attending public education centres on energy saving, energy efficiency and reducing individual carbon footprints in households. In addition to trainings on climate change and energy saving, staff working in Çankaya Municipality Directorate of Parks and Gardens were also provided with information on ecosystem services.


Participants stated that they benefitted a great deal from the trainings and said that they acquired new information they didn’t know before such as the importance of climate change and how it impacts daily lives, the close relation of climate change with other sectors and individual efforts for combatting climate change.


The trainings provided by Nature Conservation Centre aim to build on the capacity of municipality staff and to position Çankaya Municipality among the municipalities that take increasing roles in combatting climate change in cities. In this context, Çankaya Municipality will assume a pioneering role in including citizens to combatting climate change efforts and in implementing climate change action plans and projects.


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