DKM is inspired by nature and its diversity and respects all forms of life, from the simplest individuals to entire ecosystems.

DKM places itself at the cutting edge of biodiversity conservation and works to a high and consistent standard to deliver scientifically sound products.

DKM seeks to understand the local context, working resourcefully and collaboratively to identify pragmatic and innovative solutions, which support sustainable lifestyles and cultures.

DKM puts people first, listening to ideas and sharing experiences in order to find ways to make optimal use of available resources.


The Nature Conservation Centre (DKM) is a Foundation established in 2004 by a group of experienced ecologists and nature conservationists. These experts, from Turkey and the UK, formed DKM in order to provide a centrally organised pool of expertise and technical capacity for conserving biodiversity in Turkey and the surrounding area.

DKM's members have each had a long involvement in nature and environmental conservation in Turkey, with some individual's active interest and experience both here and abroad stretching back to the 1960s. In Turkey, DKM’s members have worked with government, the private sector, NGOs, research institutions, individual experts and volunteers, carrying out major studies of mountain, forest, wetland and steppe ecosystems.


Child and Youth-focused eco-literacy trainings inspire building a sustainable future.

Ecological literacy is an important field of education that enables individuals to be understanding and conscious about the environment and nature. This education develops the ability to understand the complexity of nature, to comprehend the interactions between natural systems and to find sustainable solutions to environmental problems in a sensitive manner.

As Nature Conservation Centre, we conduct ecological literacy trainings in cooperation with our partners to raise awareness and empower children and young people on environmental issues. In these trainings, children and young people are provided with information that strengthens the relationship between nature and the individual and their equipment is increased.

Participants, through these trainings;

- While developing sensitivity to environmental problems, they can increase their social participation by taking an active role for change at the social level.
- They can turn to career options related to climate and environment.
- Understand the concept of sustainability and be inspired to apply it in their daily lives.
- Understand nature-based solutions and gain leadership skills on these issues.
- Develop solution-oriented approaches to environmental problems.
- Gain a deep understanding of nature.
- Contribute to the construction of a sustainable future as responsible citizens who are sensitive to nature conservation issues.

Some of the trainings we organised in 2023 on ecological literacy;
- Türkiye's Climate Envoys Programme conducted by the Directorate of Climate Change of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation in cooperation with UNICEF Türkiye and DKM
- Young Climate Envoys Programme conducted by the Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Youth and Sports in cooperation with UNICEF Türkiye and DKM 
- Training for Child Rights Committee conducted by the Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Family and Social Services in cooperation with UNICEF Türkiye and DKM
- Youth Committee Training conducted by Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with UNICEF Türkiye and DKM
- Adolescent Counselling Council Training conducted by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with UNICEF and DKM
- Trainings in Porto/Portugal and Rome/Italy in cooperation with UCAM, IEC, RightChallange, ESN, Ciape within the scope of our Connect to Nature Project
- Training for young people within the scope of "Scale 360: Ankara's Circular Transformation Project" of Global Shapers Community Ankara Hub, a youth initiative of the World Economic Forum
- Training for young people in cooperation with Ankara Aks and the Delegation of the European Union Türkiye
- Youth-oriented nature education in cooperation with TEDU Architecture and Design Community
- Child-oriented nature education in cooperation with METU College
- Trainings for primary, secondary and high school students within the scope of the Resilient Steppes Project in cooperation with Anatolian Pastures
- Trainings for primary and secondary school students  as part of "the Preparation, Implementation and Monitoring of the Action Plan for Endangered Species in Türkiye Project within the scope of a New Methodology" in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks





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